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My name is Joshua Collins. I’m a 26-year-old truck driver, and I’m running for Congress in Washington’s 10th District. I grew up poor in the Midwest; my college plans fell apart due to a car accident, and after trying my hand at several low-wage, unstable jobs, I started team-driving with my wife.

As a truck driver, I’ve gotten to visit all 48 contiguous states; I’ve met regular working people from every corner of America, and our struggles are pretty much the same.


Every time I needed a safety net, it wasn’t there. When I was younger, I thought it was the result of poor planning, or that I should just work harder, but a decade in the workforce has made the truth clear: our lives are made difficult on purpose. This system has been created and maintained by the people who own basically everything to protect their power. If we’re well-paid, secure in our housing, and educated, we demand a far bigger share. Our bosses will do anything in their power to prevent that.


Congress is full of lawyers, investment bankers and corporate consultants. It’s a playground for the 1%, who have no empathy or understanding of our lives. Regular working people should be represented by individuals who live our lives and those who know what paycheck-to-paycheck feels like. We need nurses, teachers, and truck drivers in positions of power, fighting for our interests; that’s why I am running for US Congress.

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Check out this awesome supporter made video! A special thanks to Spencer for putting so much work into it!
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-Joshua & Staff

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