Due to extreme popular demand, the Joshua Collins for Congress campaign is looking for college students who want to earn internship credit as regular volunteers. Internship work can range from on-the-ground voter contact to research to field organizing to graphic/web design. We will work with you to figure out what role would be best for you/your college program, reduce any logistical challenges as much as possible, and build a schedule that fits around your other responsibilities. 


We want the experience to be fun and meet the needs of students with internship requirements without adding more work on top of your program’s requirements. We want you to do what you’re passionate about, no experience required!


  • Sign up to volunteer HERE.

  • Make sure campaign work is eligible for credit with your college program.

  • Notify campaign staff (@Directing Staff on Discord) of your interest in gaining internship credit though Discord or email (

    • You and staff will:

      • Discuss the requirements set by your college and plan out how to properly fulfill them

      • Decide which type of work best suits you

  • You will be assigned to whichever director you will be working under (ex: Field Director Pierce for field organizing, Strategic Director Violet for research/design, and etc.)

  • Your director will oversee your work, have scheduled check-ins to make sure you are on track to fulfill your program requirements, and will fill out any related paperwork to ensure you receive credit!

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Get involved by joining us on ground in WA-10, or =online through our discord!


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